Tai Chi

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi performs in a slow and relaxed manner, it calms the mind, releasing mental and physical tensions. Daily practice of Tai Chi Chuan promotes better posture, flexibility, and improved circulation, reducing the pain of chronic problems such as repetitive stress injuries and arthritis, and preventing stress induced disorders such as high blood pressure and digestive problems. Tai Chi Chuan will give its practitioners more energy, stronger health and increased vitality.

Tai Chi includes an emphasis on relaxation of tension, both physical and mental, leading to the development of internal strength; a process of integration in which the mind and body become unified; and an unshakeable understanding that the key element in respect to any life success is the maintenance of the qualities of balance and harmony.


Benefits Include:

Stress reduction, better focus and concentration, increased flexibility, improved strength, enhanced immune system, better balance, improved memory, improved circulation, and increased coordination.

 The 10 Essences of Practicing Tai Chi:

1. Lift the head to raise the spirit

2. Lower the shoulders to sink the elbows

3. Curve the back and soften the chest

4. Loosen the waist

5. Separate the substantial from the insubstantial

6. Coordinate the upper and lower body

7. Continuity in movement

8. Unite mind with body

9. Use mind and not force

10. Seek stillness in motion and motion within stillness