Master Zhang started the kung fu training at age of 7 in Shaolin Temple(TA GOU), from 1987-2004 Shaolin temple is the most famous world wide kung fu school, even expands into Stanford university.Each day at the school consisted of training for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week in an environment that resembled monastic living. He's training with the school for 10 years before competing and winning a place in the prestigious performance group of the Shaolin Temple.

He is proficient in and has mastered the following fighting styles and weapons: tiger, snake, monkey, mantis, staff, sword, twin broadsword, whip chains, spear, long fist, soft and hard qi gong, Tong Bei fist, Xiao Hong fist, Luo Han fist , Shaolin fist.

He was selected to join the competition team and won 1st place in national youth Kung Fu Competition award. He graduated from Shaolin with an outstanding score and skipped the last year of high school to attend Louyang Univeristy and majored in physical education.

During school, he had finished 1st place in multiple national kung fu championships. He was nominated by He Nan Province and was selected by the Chinese government at a young age of 17 to join the performance and teaching tour and traveled to the United State, England, Singarpore, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia.

After graduating from Louyang University, he was elected as a certified international and national lead coach in Beijing WuShu Team also traveled to united state to perform in Apple and Stanford university. He was also a certified international TaiChi instructor with many champion awards.